My wedding sampler with the deer

wedding sampler

I’m an avid fan of deer. At least, if there is such a thing then I am one. I had previously created the pattern “The Stag, the doe & the Autumn” and decided to give it a go on personal alteration.
I had been planning a wedding sampler for a while as we got married last year. But that silly muse of inspiration never seems to show when you need it to.
My first problem was to find a fun, yet suitable, latin proverb. Not necessarily because I know latin, but because of the silly notion of it having more symbolism behind it.
Thus on a long list of latin proverbs with translations I came across the following; Semmel in anno licet insanire.
It’s literal translation would be “Once a year one is allowed to go crazy.” I ran it by my husband who chuckled and agreed ot fits us beautifully.
My thread is from a 1-ply wool thread which I dyed myself using Dylon textile dyle. The original colour was mustard yellow which I dipped into Flamingo pink and Jeans Blue to get the red-like and the green variations.
I often get questions regarding this thread, and I’m sorry to say it can’t be bought anywhere.

If you’d like to purchase the original pattern, you can do so here

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