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The Blue Fluted Mega Heart

My friend is getting married in two weeks and as a wedding gift I adjusted this beautiful picture for cross stitch.

The reason why I settled on this pattern is a bit silly, albeit with the best intentions.

In the mid-1700s Germany  a porcelain painter made what will be later called the “blue fluted”. It never really hit off much in Germany, but in Denmark it’s one of the most loved porcelainsets you can get. Royal Copenhagen has the copyright of their pattern, Bing & Grøndahl made their own version as well.  The pattern itself later traveled to Norway in the mid-1800s and are called “Bogstad Straw”. With various subtle alterations of course.

My friend is originally from Germany, who came to Norway a couple of years ago and since then gotten her citizenship. So I wanted to make something that fits the “something borrowed, something blue” and her story. As such the pattern itself fits rather well.

I don’t know who drew the original heart which I found on pinterest and that’s a shame. At some point I hope I come across them so I can tell them how amazingly cool it looks.

If you want to stitch this heart as well you can download the pattern for free here:

Please do not resell or redistribute. For private use only.

Svartsaum Duk - a norwegian traditional cloth

Svartsaum Duk – a norwegian traditional cloth (free pattern)

In Norway there is a traditional folk costume called Bunad. They are all different depending on where in the country you might be from, or which one you might think is the prettiest.  Not all of them necessarily have embroideries on them though. There is a Bunad from my county (Vestfold)  which only has weaved ribbons on them in a particular pattern as weaving was traditionally the “big thing” around here.

But in Telemark, as an example, there is a whole variety of embroideries. Everything from cross stitch to freehand/crewel. In Voss, they also have a Bunad which has a headscarf which were white with black embroideries on them.

It’s from those two places I reconstructed some patterns  to create this piece. On a large scale it can be a table cloth, on a small scale it can be a rather decorative pillow.

I stitched my piece in 2-3 shades of mustard yellow, because I hate mustard yellow and I need to have less of it.

Stag in Blackwork

Stag in Blackwork – a free embroidery pattern

This pattern was an absolute joy to make. I wanted to make something in blackwork, but with  a lot of different patterns. At the same time it was also important that it would not be too complicated to stitch in hopes of attracting both seasoned stitchers as well as beginners.

I found it to be rather fun to stitch myself and I since then framed it and given it a place among my other work.

Feel free to click the download link in order to get your pdf pattern of this stag in blackwork.