A new year, a new focus

selbu pillow

My deepest apologies to anyone who kept tabs on this website in hopes of updates during 2019. The purchasing of a new home quickly led to a new hobby/sidebusiness. Which incidentally happens to be upholstery and restoration of retro 60s furniture. I pick the weirdest hobbies it feels like sometimes.

I’ve made a promised to myself to do a better job with my shop and this site, and fill it with new patterns  and tutorials.

I’ve already made some changes to the site itself in the hopes of improving some search engine optimization, which may result in some dead links here and there. Essentially I’ve cleaned a few posts of long links and whatnot.

You’re still welcome to post links to my websites and the patterns I have, just remember to not redistribute my patterns yourself. Feel free to change them and showcase your finished work, but please do not redistribute.

A new tutorial regarding a 15 sided biscornu pincushion (alternative 2) is around the corner. Just need to finish the translations. Stay tuned and have a great new year!

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  • Reply Jorun Hovland 9. February 2020 at 18:32

    Full disclosure: I’ve been stalking you for several minutes – I came across an old blogpost about Hulda Garborg’s book while gathering info on the Hardanger bunad. The blog led to your etsy and when I got curious enough to Google i came here: Have you finished your bunad?

    Kind regards

    ps: Svalbard was accidental, and not part of my stalking. I did not know until a few minutes ago that we were there at the same time 🙂

    • Reply Elise 9. February 2020 at 19:16

      Unfortunately, I didn’t get very far with my bunad. Whatever plans I had with it sort of disappeared in moving, furniture restorations and what not. One day I’ll probably circle back to it. If you’re ever looking for embroidery patterns for that Hardangerbunad though, just let me know 😉

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