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I bought a house

When this year started I did have a lot of plans for my Etsy shop, but also more tutorials and freebies on this website. Little did I know that after I had posted my New Years-post that I would end up buying a house just a couple of weeks later.

As we had to wait for to get the keys until May I’ve been struggling maintaining any kind of focus, despite my plans, ideas and whatnot. I spent a lot of time staring at a blank screen before surrendering and watching youtube videos instead.

Now we are finally in May, we’ve got the keys and we gotten a good look at what we’ve bought. It’s in worse state than we initially thought, and as the living room is the largest room we’ve decided to renovate that particular before we move in.

We’ve been at it for almost a week now and it’s coming together nicely. But alas, it also means I can not do anything with this site or my etsy shop as I’m also working fulltime while we renovate. And I’m rather exhausted (and in a lot of pain pretty much everywhere).

I apologize and promise to make a strong return as quickly as possible.

A new year and some thoughts

In 2017 I set up my Etsy shop to sell cross stitch patterns that I had made. I had no real plan, no big ambition and made very little effort to any kind of marketing of any kind. I let it run its own course while I was stitching my various own projects and tutorials.

During the spring of 2018 I decided I was no longer going to let it sail its own course, I was going to make an effort to make more patterns that people hopefully would like and I would stop wasting lots of money on marketing through Etsy.

My goal was not to make money. I don’t look at this as a part time, and certainly not a full time, job and I have moments when the stitching and drawing bug disappears for months.

My goal was to break even.

I wanted all the money I poured into Etsy for Promoted listing to be paid for by the sales I made. And since the changes made in June to my listings, keyword strategies and changes to promoted listings I have fortunately been rather successful. May was the last time I had to pay Etsy for anything, everything has been covered by my sales. Sometimes I even get 5+ dollars transfered to me at the end of the month because people liked my patterns enough to pay for them.

As always I try my best to keep my prices on the low side. This is not to undercut other designers or devalue my own work.  I’m more interested to be affordable in a sense and hopefully inspire people to draw their own patterns the way they want them.

My plans for 2019 are the same as 2018. To continue making patterns and break even.

I hope you all had a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Back from vacation!

I’ve spent two wonderful (and exhausting) weeks in North-Jutland of Denmark.

My original plan was to draw up some new patterns and work with those during the evenings when we weren’t out exploring somewhere.  It did not quite work out that way and instead of doing all that, I ended up stitching the same pattern over and over but with different usage of the same colours.

My plate of biscornu pincushions can now welcome 5 new additions in various colourful combinations.

During the vacation though I came across various antique book shops and second hand shops where I was able to get my hands on various new books, patterns, kits and fabric I’m sure to put into good use some time in the future.


The motivational reminder for my husband

My husband has had a lot of problems and such due to his  rather lacking ability of sticking to something because it’s not fun.  How often do we notice this about ourselves? How something we find dreary usually lasts for about two weeks (if even that) before we make the thousands of various excuses to never do it again. Against our better judgement of course, knowing there are reasons why we’re supposed to do this dreary thing and how it’ll benefit us in the long run as long as we keep up with it.

My husband has had a lot of problems with his weight, high stresslevels and overloaded with work. As such it made it difficult for him to find the energy and the “want” to start exercising so he could live a healthier life. And obviously, preferably not die of a heartattack before he hits 45.

I saw a TED-talk with Mel Robbins who essentially said that acknowledging your biggest obstacle is your first battle. And your biggest obstacle is essentially; You’re never gonna feel like it.

Which is my husbands biggest obstacle as well. He never feels like it because he’s always tired, overworked and stressed. Motivation only takes you so far, its not gonna help you out of a warm bed a cold winter morning at 5 am for your workout before you go to work.

And as such I made this piece for him to keep at his workplace as a reminder for whenever his head starts to come up with excuses for him.

So far it seems to be working.

The very large and timeconsuming decorative biscornu pillow

The very large and timeconsuming decorative biscornu pillow

I love the idea and concept of biscornu, so I wanted to try something on a larger scale. Originally I wanted to limit the scale a little bit so I didn’t end up spending over 6 weeks making it like my last large piece. Well, it took 5 weeks in the end.

I dyed the aida myself and spent a week or so making the patterns themselves. I wanted something cool and serene in colour and ended up with this beautiful greyish purple.

IF I were to do it all again I definitly would have made sure that the filling didnt have its own pillowcase and I would have sewn it together by machine to spare my hands.

But all in all I’m very happy with it and still have it on display in my sofa.

For those interested, I did make the patterns available on the freebie-page.

My wedding sampler with deer motif in traditional style and latin proverb

Seeing as I love deer so much and how happy I was with my previous design, I decided to make a slightly more personal combination for my wedding sampler as we got married last year.

The latin proverb reads “Once a year one is allowed to go crazy”. As I told my husband about it he chuckled and said it was perfect.

The thread is 1-ply wool thread which I dyed myself some time earlier and had just been waiting for the perfect project to use it on.

a sampler for a friend

A Sampler for a friend with bees and trees

I drew and stiched this sampler for my penpal who has met the love of her life. After some time they’ve moved in together in a new home and I wanted to give them something special as a housewarming gift.

My penpal and I have many of the same interests and we often write about gardening, the importance of bees and, of course, our fondness for embroidery. While I might be the stitcher, she’s the knitter. So as I made this housewarming sampler for her, she knitted me socks for my husband and I for our wedding.

I tried to incorporate all the various things we talk about and I know she loves. Including ferrets! Which was complicated to draw small and took me quite a few tries before getting it right.
This is the only sampler I know of which contains ferrets, now that I think about it.

sampler with bees and trees