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  • selbu pillow

    A new year, a new focus

    My deepest apologies to anyone who kept tabs on this website in hopes of updates during 2019. The purchasing of a new home quickly led to a new hobby/sidebusiness. Which incidentally happens to be…

  • The latest scoop on Mrs. Nielsen Embroidery

    The latest scoop on Mrs. Nielsen Embroidery

    I want to say that we’ve finished renovating and moving into our new house. And I finally have the space and quiet needed to start making patterns and finishing tutorials. But alas, it’s summer…

  • I bought a house

    I bought a house (oops)

    When this year started I had a lot of plans for my Etsy shop, but also more tutorials and freebies on this website. Little did I know that after I had posted my New…

  • A new year and some thoughts

    A new year and some thoughts

    In 2017 I set up my Etsy shop to sell cross stitch patterns that I had made. I had no real plan, no big ambition and made very little effort to any kind of…

  • The latest scoop on Mrs. Nielsen Embroidery

    Back from vacation!

    I’ve spent two wonderful (and exhausting) weeks in North-Jutland of Denmark. My original plan was to draw up some new patterns and work with those during the evenings when we weren’t out exploring somewhere. …

  • Motivational

    The motivational reminder for my husband

    My husband has had a lot of problems due to his rather lacking ability of sticking to something because it’s not fun.  How often do we notice this about ourselves? How something we find…

  • wedding sampler

    My wedding sampler with the deer

    I’m an avid fan of deer. At least, if there is such a thing then I am one. I had previously created the pattern “The Stag, the doe & the Autumn” and decided to…

  • a sampler for a friend

    A Sampler for a friend with bees and trees

    I drew and stiched this sampler for my penpal who has met the love of her life. After some time they’ve moved in together in a new home and I wanted to give them…