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Zealand Birds

Zealand Birds – Traditional Danish sampler in cross stitch

On the island Zealand there are two distinct types of embroidery. One is called Hedebo embroidery. Hedebo embroidery covers several forms of white embroidery which originated in the Hedebo (heathland) region of Zealand, Denmark, in the 1760s. The varied techniques which evolved over the next hundred years in the farming community were subsequently developed by the middle classes until around 1820. They were applied to articles of clothing such as collars and cuffs but were also used to decorate bed linen.

The other type of embroidery was Skovbo  and had its only peak in the mid-19th century before almost disappearing. The referance “Skovbo” meant it was tribute to the woodland areas of Zealand, Denmark. They were in two-tone colours (red & blue) with a variety of sampler motifs.

I’ve dawn up 2 samplers with this Skovbo technique in mind, both featuring birds as Zealand also has a very rich variety in birds. The second version includes poetry by John Keats.

You can find it in my shop here

Amager Fugle – a traditional square pdf pattern for cross stitch on etsy now

The folk costumes of Denmark are all different, but contains little embroidery. However, one of the costumes from Amager does have some embroidery on their belt and so on, which is remarkably similar to a certain dutch technique.

Turns out the folk costumes of Amager in reality were clothing by the dutch immigrants that came to Denmark during the 1600s. And it has survived even to this day as the “Amagerdragt” are still being made and worn for those special occassions.

This sampler is made from those traditional patterns and you can find it in my shop here.