The second Norwegian Bunad Biscornu Pincushion

The second Norwegian Bunad Biscornu Pincushion

My second pincushion as a biscornu is in beautiful shades of purple. Fun fact: My favourite colour is purple. You may have noticed it earlier.

When I came across the original pattern which had been used as a breastcloth (bringeduk), or breastplate if you like, it’s alignment was slightly off and things just didn’t seem to add up. It was the first thing I fixed. I’m far too OCD to let that stand on it’s own.

I kept all the original colours as I thought they were quite beautiful and needed no fixing. I dare say they are bold enough to make it appear like a modern piece rather than a 50 year old one. Or even a 100 year old one.

It’s size is just between the previous large and small at just 45×45 squares. A bit fiddly at times, but I got there in the end.

This pattern is available in my shop here.

The biscornu shape is easily obtained, you can read my tutorial on how to here.


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