Geometric Mandala No. 1 – a modern cross stitch

Geometric Mandala No 1

So, I was watching True Blood.

And admittingly I will probably never be able to open with that particular explanation again, but I’m enjoying it while I can.

And I’ve seen parts of the tv-series before, but it was rather sporadic and I didn’t always understand all the different referances to past events and such. Decided it was time I filled in the gaps.

So while watching True Blood I decided to play around with graph paper and some Steadtler pens I use for my adult zen colouring. (I can tell you’re all silently judging me and it’s okey.)

Initially I thought it would be fun to create a labyrinth of some sorts, but it rather quickly twisted into a geometric thing instead. It uses 18 different colours which I tried to match as best I could.

I had a lot of fun stitching it, also while watching True Blood, and I think I might make more of these at some point. Doodling can be very liberating.

If you like the Mandala, it’s now available in my shop here

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